The Story of Theo Huxtable

We are having a fundraiser for our little dog Theo Huxtable at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank April 16th at 8pm. Tix are $20. and all proceeds go to the enormous hospital bill that went to rescuing this adorable dog. The lineup is:

Joey Diaz @madflavor

Brian Haner @TheBrianHaner

Mary Lynn Rajskub @rajskub

Bert Kreischer @bertkreischer

Ari Shaffir @arishaffir

and of course Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky

@tomsegura @christinap


In case you haven't heard the story of Theo, here it is! And if you can attend the fundraiser, we'd love it!

here's a link for tix


Tom and I adopted young Brussels Griffon Theo Huxtable on March 8, 2013 from a Los Angeles Animal Shelter that shall remain nameless (although if you ask one of us in person, we'll gladly tell you). All we know about Theo's history is that he came from a family of dog hoarders in Downey, CA and had to be relinquished thru a court order.

It would take a court order to get ME to relinquish this face!

The shelter released young Theo saying he only had a case of Kennel Cough and with some antibiotics would go away in a week. Well, that Kennel Cough was really a severe case of Bordetella and a few other nasty viruses thrown in for extra kicks. Not only did the shelter NOT treat young Theo while he stayed in their care, they didn't even bother quarantining him from the other animals. So whoever else got adopted near him is probably suffering from the same cocktail of awful sickness.

We took Theo to the vet the day after adopting him and treated him with antibiotics for 10 days.  We kept him warm and force fed him baby food on our fingers. He wanted nothing to do with food - not even cat food, tuna, chicken or bacon.  The only thing he would eat was a tiny amount of home cooked ground beef. Our fur baby hacked like a lunatic hobo and woke up with his little nose crusted over with snot every day. It was a harrowing 10 days, but little did we know things were about to get far worse...

We decided it was time for the vet again. This time, they took blood tests and determined Mr. Huxtable (son of Dr. Huxtable) was extremely sick and needed to be hospitalized ASAP. We rushed him to the Animal ER and he was put on oxygen. His little lungs were full of fluid and he could barely breathe.  We signed a "Do Not Resuscitate" form as the ER Vet told us he had a 50% chance of surviving thru the night. We went home and cried. It had only been 10 days, but this little guy grew on us. Facing the prospect of his death was devastating. The next day, things stayed the same. It wasn't until 48 hours later, he showed some signs of improvement.

We were overjoyed that Theo was showing some signs of life. He had oxygen tubes in his nose and IV's hooked up to to his paws pumping in fluids and meds. He wasn't eating but at least he was still breathing and wagging his tail.


Then, on day 3 things began to look up.   He was refusing to eat and that's when it was time for big guns - a delicious McDonald's Hamburger. There isn't a dog alive that can't resist the greasy grey patty of life. I waived that beefy bad boy in front of his face and Theo devoured it. The nurse told me to stop feeding him ( I guess McDonald's isn't good for dogs?!?). But now that the pump was primed, so to speak, Theo was hungry again.

Once he started eating the rocks (dry food) they put in his kennel, Theo kept getting better and better. By day 4 they reduced his oxygen intake by half and began to take his meds by pill. By day 5, he was completely off of oxygen and breathing by himself.  After some chest x-rays and blood work, we were able to take him home on day 6.

Here's Theo in his pet carrier in the car on his way home from the hospital.


He's been home for just 5 days and the improvement has been amazing. He's full of energy and loves following Tom and me around the house. He watches us do the podcast from his little blue bed. The coughing has died down significantly and he's eating like a wolf. 

Theo is such a joy and we can't imagine not having him in our lives. He was well worth the heartache and anxiety. We can't thank our listeners enough for the outpouring of love and donations to help this little guy. It means the world to us.