Poop Soup Recipe

Recipe for Poop Soup! Many of you have asked for this special recipe that makes you go poo. Here it is...I make this when I come home off the road, to cleanse the system and get a fresh start.

I go to Trader Joe's and get my veggies pre-cut in bags - it's just easier that way. But you can get these ingredients at any reputable grocery store.

Ingredients: Soup stock (chicken or beef usually one big container of), green onions, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas, red pepper - and for extra cleansing strength I put in kale. Now, the kale really cleans you out. So be prepared for results if you use it. But you can also use Swiss chard or cabbage to get the same results.

Chop up everything, throw it into a large pot and let it all boil - but not for too long. No more than 10 minutes of boiling, otherwise your veggies get too mushy. I also like to add a little Vietnamese hoison sauce for flavor and some chili hot sauce as well. The soup itself can be a little bland, so add seasoning to your liking. Also a dollop of sour cream can really make things exciting. Usually two bowls does the trick, you'll see results pretty quick! It's a filling, healthy soup that gets the job done. Oh and eat this soup alone or with someone who knows you really well, you'll be tooting up a storm.

Lemme know if you make this recipe and if you added anything, I like to change it up!

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