EP: 93 Mary Lynn Rajskub in the Mommy DOME!

The Mommy Dome got a little more Mommier this week with our very special guest, Mary Lynn Rajskub (also a REAL mother). Rajskub definitely wore her jeans extra high for us and we couldn't be happier about it. She shares stories of starting out in the cold, hard streets of THE D. After standing up for for herself against neighborhood toughs and winning multiple rap battles, Rajskub moved to San Francisco before working on iconic shows Mr. Show with Bob and David, and 24. We also cover a Dental Update, Tom's never-ending cough/illness and a revisit from OMG Seriousalahhh Maria. Yes, she gets fired up! Get ready to MOMMY OUT. It's so cold in the D! @tomsegura @christinap @rajskub




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