EP 78 Bill Burr is in Your Mom's House

Bill "Gingery" Burr enters the mommy dome for a lengthy, laugh-filled conversation. A true sportsman, Burr talked football with Tom until Christina started snoring. The three talked comedy - mainly Burr's stories of hanging at the Comedy Cellar in NYC and everything that was great (and terrifying) about being around the late Patrice O'Neal. We talk about s**t-talking online and when people share too much -in person and on Facebook. Bill gets fired up about getting bodyscanned at the airport and why you should never use your debit card. Mike Singletary, Would You Rather, Bears and more! What type of denim are you wearing today?!  PS- don't forget to download Bill's new special for only $5 at BillBurr.com. @billburr @tomsegura @christinap

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