Ep 295: Feefo Reports on Life Changes, Yankee Candle Shopping Sprees!!!

You know what I'm saying, we went to Crate And Barrel and really enjoyed all that they have to offer. It's not just a wonderland of white people things, they also have nice toilets. Do we have a new YKWIS Champ??? LISTEN closely (and count).

Plus FEEFO is back and he's talking about his new sister and we have to tell you - he ISN'T happy. We also discover the funny adult actress who blessed us all with the catchphrase of the year last week and we hope you'll help us meet her.

Do you like spending a dollar? Do you document it when you do? There's a community for you where people just like bore the s**t out of other people with their purchases.

Be the jeans! @tomsegura @christinap

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