Ep 290: Cincy Highlights, the Peanut Butter Debate Rages on, Pastor Manning Logic

It's true that Choosy Mom's Choose Jif, but REAL Mom's do too. Are you REAL?? ChristJeansa and Tommy return from his birth city and they have some stories. Plane dumps and did you know that coconut butter can be used as a lubricant? Tom's family has tested it.

Pastor Manning lets us inside Starbucks secrets - just how much semen are they putting in your drink?

We have highlights from our LIVE show in Cincy with Geoff Tate AKA Denim on Denim AKA Hot Dogs and Gatorade for LYFE. You'll find out how many hot dogs he's been eating.

We haven't heard back yet from Gloria Estefan, but we're hoping by putting our song out there that she will respond soon.


The Miami Fart Machine

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