Ep 259: Vegans Only! Have an Orgasm at Your Dad's Funeral (or 9)

This episode is for Vegan's only!! Carnists are not allowed to listen. SORRY!

Now that it's only us, picture Tommy kissing your thighs. Feel better? GOOOOOOD.

Why do people over 50 refuse to drink water? Water is in us and everywhere around us. Maybe they are just wiser and know that nothing satisfies your bodies cravings for hydration and nutrients like Diet Coke. It tastes good and it's good for you. Especially post-workout.

Do you remember your father's funeral? How many orgasms did you have staring at his corpse? We found someone that may have been more aroused than you and it's ALL TIME CLASSIC MOM mode already. Get ready to cry from joy and from your relentless orgasms on this one!

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