Ep 209: Exclusive Aunty Fee Fee Interview! She Sings a Song for US & YKWIS CHAMPION

It never gets old. No matter how much time passes by, joy is always spread when someone drops a Deez Nuts joke. And if you get it on TV? Well, we collectively thank you, sir. New music from you, the little jeans, is welcomed and celebrated! It’s time to post a challenge! Does a pimp or a rapper say You Know What Im Sayin more? Get out your pen and paper cause you’ve got some countin’ to do! (You know what I’m sayin?) But everything takes a back seat to the Queen of this episode. Internet sensation, vocal inspiration and servant of our Lord, Aunty FeeFee joins us! She is as sweet, engaging and fun as you knew she would be. Does she bless our show with a special tune? Put your earbuds in and let us pleasure you ears. WE WEAR DENIM ONLY AROUND HERE!

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