Ep 107: Ryan Sickler and Cousin Juli are in the Mommy Dome!

Wuss goin on here?!? Public dicks. How many have you seen? We recap a lifetime of sightings and the way they have affected us. Not only has the OG Ryan Sickler graced us with his feast-like presence we also have Tina's cousin Juli in the Mommy Dome. We talk about drugs that hit ya in a way you didn't expect (NOT GOOD). We go over different types of Punk music (anarcho, crust, awful, etc.) and how much Christina still hates UB40 (the world's greatest band?). What do you know about Sister Nancy? Prison dudes love booty and more! Go ahead and bookmark this as one of your favorite episodes yet. Cut holes in your jeans. @ryansickler www.crustpunks.com @tomsegura @christinap

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