Can't Make it to the Ice House Nov. 22? Watch it Streaming on Laffster!

Hey Mommies, we know some of you listen from exotic locations like Canada or Australia. We try our best to go and do the podcast wherever mommies are found. But we can't go everywhere! Geez. So why not watch us streaming live Nov. 22 from the Ice House in Pasadena?

Sign up on Laffster HERE

Sign up on Laffster now for the special event and bid on special things like:

1st Place: Be a guest on a future episode of "Your Mom's House" Keep your jeans high and tight- because you have a chance to be the featured guest on an upcoming episode with your favorite Mommies! 2nd Place: A "BIKES" t-shirt with personalized note AND a twitter shout out This is everything you have ever wanted and more. Not only will you get your own "BIKES" t-shirt, but it comes with a very special note and twitter shout out from Tom and Christina 3rd Place: A shout out on an upcoming "Your Mom's House" Tom and Christina will give you your very own shout out during a future episode

We will also donate a percentage of our proceeds to the "Wounded Warrier" fund. Win win jeans!